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לנה  בת 29 LANA 29 YERS OLD.jpg
שאדי בת 27 SHADY 27 YERS OLD.jpg
מירב בת 26 MERAV 26 YERS OLD.jpg
מרים בת 30 (12).jpg
לנה בת 40 רוסיה זונה ונרקומנית (14).jpg
יעל בת 50 (25).jpg
יסמין 2 (1).jpg
רים בת  23 RIM 23 YERS OLD.jpg

The 'Door of Hope'

Founed by Dave Fiquette . An American Christian, who set up a sanctuary in the old central station for  prostitutes drug eddicts and homeless women.

A shelter where they can rest, find a meal, clothing, and most importantly, a respite from the  grimy streets of South Tel Aviv.

This seri was made at 2008. And prolonged for the period of six months .It was shot in black & white and hand tinted in color.

The seri is Dedicated to a beautyfull girl that is no longer with us.

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