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פורטרט עצמי


Biographical Notes  עברית


Born in Jerusalem, 1959

Lives in Tel Aviv

1987-1989 - Hadassah College,  School of Photography, Jerusalem.

1991-1992 - video and cinema, Hadassah College,  School of Photography, Jerusalem

1989-1990 - lived and worked in London, England.

1992-1997-lived and worked in Paris, France.




1989       the founding generation of Musrara / Hadassah College

1993        The street of  Belleville  / Paris Port Ouvert Events

1994        Portraits  / Paris Port Ouvert Events

1995        Graffiti / Belleville  / Paris Port Ouvert Events

1996        The Shadows of Bellevile  / City Hall 20th quarter / Paris

2009        Tel Aviv by Night  / 100 years to the city of Tel Aviv

2013        Merhav Bazman - portraits of the Israeli black Panthers Movement                           founders  / Merhav Gallery-Jaffa 

2015        No Man's Land  / Mousrara Social Gallery

2015        Local Testimony Portraits of Childhood Heros / Erets Israel Museum-Tel                   Aviv



Awards and Grants


Hazel Greenwald award , the founding generation of Musrara


Mifal HaPayis grant, No man's land / winter 71

3rd place best seri / Local Testimony / wpo


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